Ann Shoket’s new book was inspired by regular dinners in her apartment. The Big Life is a guide for millennial women who are looking for a job they love as well as respect from their partners and bosses.

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Inside the book you’ll find references to strong, independent women such as Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Even in this day in age, women still have trouble feeling empowered or independent. It wasn’t too long ago that women were never expected to enter the workforce and homemaker was where they were expected to find their value. “It’s amazing all these stale ideas that get stuck in your head,” Ms. Shoket said. “We had had all these deep emotional conversations about how you navigate the terrain of adolescence,” she said. “Why did that stop when you turned 20?”


Eager to keep the conversation going, Ms. Shoket decided to begin hosting dinner with women in their 20s and 30s. During these dinners, conversations centered around equality, relationships, pressure and where their ambitions in life come from. She kept a list of the questions that kept coming up into a list that covers work idols, generational differences, parents and what women want to accomplish by the time they’re 30.


As most people continuously bash millennials, Ms. Shoket aims to guide this group and point out that they are not alone in their quest for independence. She believes that they are the ones who will spur the change around the world for women everywhere.