It’s now 2017 and when it comes to women in the workplace, we’re making progress — but we’re not there yet. Regardless, this means women have options as far as choosing their own career and path. So if you find yourself still caught up in old, outdated myths about women and the workplace, you might lose out on top-quality talent and women that could help take your business to the next level.

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What might these myths be? Can you think of any that you may have heard before? Strategy+Business has done a good job of addressing a few myths we’ve heard sadly too many times.


“Just like with any other form of bias, the best way to begin to counteract these myths is to call them out and debunk them….Businesses that fail to see beyond these myths will miss out on the enormous value that returning women have to offer. In contrast, those that recognize the value of these women are actively seeking them out and making themselves attractive as an employer: offering flexibility, and rewarding output instead of time spent in a cubicle. In this way they are capitalizing on all of their skills and experiences.”