It seems the term, “Daddy’s girl” has a real sense of meaning behind it. Have you ever asked the question to your mother or father, “who’s the favorite?” to which they almost always reply, “I love all my kids the same.” Well that may be true, but the way we as parents respond to our children may be different based on whether it’s a son or daughter — particularly dads.

[Read more on how dads are more responsive to their daughters than they are sons on Fatherly]


Yes, Fatherly claims that dads tend to be more attentive to the needs of their daughters more than to their sons based on MRI scans done at Emory University.


“For the study, published today in the American Psychological Association’s journal Behavioral Neuroscience, 52 fathers (30 with girls and 22 with boys) wore recording devices on their belts for a full week, so that researchers could capture what they were saying to their children. Although some fathers had multiple children, the researchers focused on interactions between each father and just one of his children under the age of two. They found that fathers were more likely to use language related to sad emotions (“cry”) and the body (“cheek”) when speaking to daughters, and more likely to use analytical language (“below” or “much”). ‘These are pretty subtle differences and I think these findings are interesting because these aren’t differences you could glean from asking fathers about their interactions.’ “


The relationship between a father and his daughter is something special, and it has a huge influence in the choosing of his daughter’s future partner in life, as someone who can respect her, and genuinely care.