It was always a good time to go see Grandma and Grandpa as a kid, and grandparents are definitely a crucial part to raising kids. But recently there have been more grandparents raising and adopting their grandchildren than ever before.

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Due to a number of different reasons like opioid abuse and addiction, younger parents, and not having the skills necessary to raise a child, more grandparents are stepping in, to raise their grandchildren. Yes, there is a lot of finger pointing out there as to why the grandparents need to raise grandchildren, but people make choices in life that perhaps lead them to substance abuse and addiction. When that happens, they’re no longer able or worthy to raise a child.


“Their ranks are increasing. The number of grandparents raising grandchildren is up 7 percent from 2009. Experts say the trend is likely to continue as the nation responds to the opiate epidemic. Military deployment and a growth in the number of women incarcerated are other factors forcing grandparents to step into parental roles.”


While many grandparents may beat themselves up for taking blame for their children’s actions, it’s not their fault and the addict needs to take responsibility for their actions. Most grandparents only want to step in to keep the child from having to go to foster care and not having an influence in their grandchildren’s lives.