Successful relationships aren’t a myth — YES, they actually happen, and YES, it can happen to you. But just like a plant needs constant, tender care and nourishment, so does a relationship — regardless of whether it’s a romantic partner, a best friend, or a family member. However, Huffington Post wrote an article highlighting specific habits that couples have developed to make for a happier relationship.

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This article is actually based off of 4 habits that Linda and Charlie Bloom — coauthors of Great Marriages — put together to help you and your relationship(s). Summed up, relationships take work. But what kind of work? According to the article, EMOTIONAL work.

“One thing that lasting couples do is care for each other’s feelings by doing the emotional work that the relationship requires. Emotional work is something that we rarely hear about but psychologists study this topic as a factor in relationship happiness.”

The advice?

Solving problems, open communication, create special moments together and reaffirming their commitment helps build a stronger, longer lasting relationship with your partner. Easier said than done?

We never said it’d be easy, but what is your relationship worth to you?