According to current research, one of the best way to close the gap on women in education and the workplace is by having a daughter. Fathers of daughters support gender equality more so than if they only had sons. Men who represent a traditional gender role who have daughters want their daughters to be independent and high-achieving. This mindset carries over to much later in life as it makes men more aware of sexism. As fathers watch their daughters go through life, they become first hand witnesses to their everyday struggles.

“The researchers ran a calculation comparing firms, and found that on average, the presence of one more daughter instead of a son for each senior partner increased the probability of hiring a female senior investor over a male by 24 percent. In firms with more daughters, 12 percent of new hires were women, compared with 9 percent in firms with more sons.”

Researchers also uncovered the value of having a diverse team in a business environment. As more and more women are elevated in the workforce, more and more companies are cognizant the value that a fresh mindset brings to the table.

“If you have five white guys who all went to Harvard Business School and worked at Google, it’s likely when they see an investment or problem or decision, they frame it in the same way,” he said. “Having a diverse set of people really means you’re much less likely to have blind spots.”

While working with people of similar backgrounds is more comfortable, it can set a business up for failure. Women usually have larger and more diverse networks opening things up for untapped areas of growth for your business.