Money can be a real issue for a lot of us and there seems to be a constant competition with who can afford the fanciest house, fastest car, shiniest boat, etc. It’s easy to get sucked into comparing your budget, finances and way of life to others’ regardless of whether it’s a man or woman. Well if you’re comparing to others, especially to men, it’s time to stop. Women and men have different priorities with their finances.

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Even though the article was written out of Australia, the same concept applies to financial goals and aspirations with men and women around the world. From what we earn to what we save, how we budget and what we budget for, it’s time to embrace our own financial strengths and not compare them to anyone else’s — man or woman.


We as women can use finances to our advantage, in that women on average are still making less than men in the same positions in both the U.S. as well as the rest of the world (including where this article was written, Australia). We as women seem to have our priorities with our money.