The Gender Wage Gap is closing but there is still a lot of work to do. Never before in history has there been more opportunities for women but they still get paid much less than men. That’s all starting to change but there is a way to speed this process up.

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“My generation of boomer fathers wanted to raise strong daughters. We supported their interest in sports, arts and academics. We encouraged them to go to great schools and seek meaningful careers. But when they graduated and were only offered $0.79 for every dollar earned for the same job by our sons, we chose to do nothing.”


This is as good a time as ever before for men to stand up and act as advocates for their daughters. That’s where the father of a Daughter Initiative comes into play. Jeffery Tobias, a gender strategist, believes that Women’s leadership is currently stuck and that his book “Why Women: The Leadership Imperative to Advancing Women and Engaging Men” can help organizations harness their most valuable asset. This underutilized asset are women and his leadership strategies have Fortune 500 companies achieve untapped areas of growth by elevating them in the workplace.


“This isn’t a zero-sum situation for men. Men do not have to give something up for women to gain ground in pay and visibility at work. Ideally, men will be the beneficiary of increased household pay, benefits, and savings.”