One step forward, two steps back. Change is apparent in the ever-changing country of Myanmar (or Burma as some people know it) when it comes to democracy, but as far as women’s rights and protection against violence it seems “they don’t need to do more.”

[Read more on the issue of violence towards women in Myanmar from NY Times]


“Myanmar lags behind many of its Asian neighbors on the issue, human rights groups say, citing a penal code that does not recognize marital rape and the country’s lack of a domestic violence law…Women’s rights advocates say the violence is exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse among men, and by a common attitude among both sexes that women who are abused or raped somehow deserve it.”


From the article, one contributor — a partner at Strong Flowers Sexuality Education Services named Evelyn Yu Yu Swe — claimed, “It’s victim blaming. The language they use is: ‘She’s bad. That’s why her husband beat her.’ ” Gee, that sounds familiar. “She was asking for it, with the way she was dressed,” or, “Why can’t she just get out?


Yes, violence toward women happens all around the globe…but if we are able to address the issue here in the U.S. then we can have a more positive influence and effect on how other countries handle the issue, as well.