What Robin Williams left behind for his daughter and the rest of the world has proven to be much more than a few laughs, movies and catch phrases. As his daughter Zelda Williams can attest, Robin Williams taught us a lot about mental health issues.

Mental health is a subject that we’re talking about more and more, but it’s still a very sensitive, misunderstood and overlooked subject. “Oh, but you look fine,” and, “Well I don’t see anything wrong with you,” are just a few examples of how little we know and can spot signs of mental illnesses. Women’s Health touched on the conversation they had with Zelda Williams about mental health. “Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not ruining someone’s life,” she told them. You can read more of the article with the link above, but here’s an excerpt to help open our eyes about mental disorders and how we can spot them out — basically, we can’t!

“Robin’s struggles with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism were well-documented throughout his life. He publicly discussed them on occasion, like in 2010, when he told The Guardian about turning to alcohol when he felt alone. And while Zelda doesn’t speak specifically about her own family’s personal relationship to mental health, she does acknowledge that people suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and many other mental disorders are often hiding in plain sight.“

The first step in understanding mental illnesses is listening. Listening helps with awareness and learning what the signs are and understanding that it’s a battle that people who suffer from such illnesses and disorders are battling every day. Finding better treatment for such disorders is another crucial factor in our progression towards the battle with mental health issues.