When we look at being in a relationship, money shouldn’t play a factor — but sadly it does. Money is the leading cause of stress in relationships, although it’s no surprise that it’s easier to make ends meet as a couple than it is by yourself, in some instances. When couples and relationships are financially stable or at least have a good system in place with finances, it plays a huge role in the overall success of the relationship.

[Read more on Time’s guide to financial success in a relationship]

Time wrote a guide to having a successful relationship and one of the key factors is being financially sound and knowledgeable about how finances will affect the both of you.

“‘We’re intimate with our partners in so many ways before marriage, and yet money remains off the table. That’s a problem,’ says Paula Levy, a marriage and family therapist in Westport, Conn. Financial intimacy starts with better communication, and that’s where this story comes in. We’ll tell you how to get your financial partnership off on the right foot, the right questions to ask, and pitfalls to avoid—with the help of anecdotes and advice from real couples. And if this is a second marriage, or if you’re approaching or in retirement, we’ve got extra pointers specifically for you.”

We all bring extra baggage into relationships, which we all expect from each other. But we’re not thinking about the financial baggage that gets brought into relationships, too. It’s important to talk about what each person in the relationship is contributing and bringing into the relationship financially. We all talk about our family history too, but when it comes to how you manage your money, we don’t talk about that. How will you know how to teach your family and raise them to handle their money correctly? These are things that should be talked about as the relationship gets more serious.

Time does a great job of giving more tips and advice on how to survive a relationship financially and how to strive as a couple by managing finances.