Most of the time when we ask other people what they’d do if they had more spare time, they answer with, “I’d travel more.” You may get jealous of other people’s Instagram posts of being in Playa Del Carmen, an awesome mountain cabin, or some Spanish beach, and have a fear of missing out. But there’s more to travel than simply posting pictures online of where you’ve been for others to see. There’s something that lives deep within us that makes us want to see the world, for more than just a few social media likes.

[Read more on a blog that Miflare published recently that explains why travel is good for the soul]


Why is it good for the soul? Well, we believe that it helps inspire your inner being and break away from the 9-5 routine. Me-time consists of bettering yourself on a personal note, and there’s something to traveling that caters to nourishing your soul and refreshing your mind with a new outlook on life. With learning how others live, communicate and relax comes inspiration to incorporating that lifestyle into our own, overwhelming and overworking daily lives.


“The moment you step off that plane the adrenaline kicks in. Walking on land you’ve never walked on before. Bombarded with new people, new cultures and in some instances an entirely new language. A lot of which can feel frightening and overwhelming but even more so there is a sense of freedom and curiosity. In order to truly experience the world it is important to step outside of your hometown and become a tourist. Whether it be for a day, a month or a year, to be an outsider in a different city can often help to realign your own values and remind you of how important having a home somewhere in the world is. As amazing as travel can be there is nothing better than returning home with a fresh perspective and a brand new mindset. The diversity within our world is something truly magical.”


We encourage you to get out and see other worlds, cultures and people.