No matter the type of relationship — whether it be a best friend, a significant other, or even a family member — there are certain signs that person in your life could be more harm to you than good. Do you know what to look for? If you see signs, do you know how to get out?

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The word, “toxic” has a very powerful connotation to it, as we relate that word to many chemicals we use for cleaning, as well as tons of other products we use daily. These things will do serious harm to your well-being! It’s no different with people in our lives, too. People and their attitudes and personalities can be toxic, too. These people will do serious harm to your well-being and character! Do you have a friend that you feel bad for at times, because they don’t have many friends, or you feel a sense of loyalty because you’ve simply known them for so long it’s hard to leave? You’re not alone.


Global News’ article talks about this exact feeling: “Relationship expert and couples therapist Nicole McCance says when it comes to friendships in particular, people put up with toxic friends because they feel a sense of loyalty. ‘You’ve known them for years and you feel guilty [leaving them] if your families are also intertwined,’ she says.”


Feel more bad than good when you’re around that person? Do you feel you have to drink or partake in something to make you feel better whenever you two get together? Is it hard to talk about your relationship to other people like a family member or close friend, because you feel they don’t like that person in your life? That person may be a toxic person. Ever waited way too long to get a response to a call or text? You’re putting way more into the relationship than the other, which is another sign they may be toxic for you. If you’re holding onto a relationship because of the good memories you two used to share, but haven’t been able to have good memories as of late, you shouldn’t feel bad for leaving that friendship as a memory, too.


Global News goes more into depth about how to look for signs as well as how to get out, but it’s not always easy to spot signs of a toxic person, nor is it easy to just leave. If you need help doing either — or both, we want to hear your opinions and experiences. This is a community where we all learn and grow from each other, and even sometimes motivate each other to do something we didn’t know how to do at the time.


“Is the relationship worth fixing?

McCance says it’s OK to leave the relationship. ‘When it comes to love, ask yourself if you deserve this person and consider walking away, this is you fixing it,’ she says.”

Think you have a toxic relationship?

We want to hear your opinions and experiences.